Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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Suggested WED Activities


It’s essential however that we all incorporate participation. If each of us contributes a little to this celebration, it will be a far greater success.                                   

The most important goal of this day is to raise awareness on the fragility of forests.  

  • Arts and Crafts Exhibitions

    What is involved?
    • Paintings of forests, human impact or dependency on forests, or forests and climate change

    • Displays of pottery, wooden figurines, stone articles, grass baskets, clothes etc.

    • Demonstration on how energy-saving stoves are manufactured and maintained. Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui,Kenya, Founder of Musaki Enterprises, invented an energy-saving stove called the Kenyan Ceramic Jiko (KCJ) in 1982

    • Crafts made with recycled materials, e.g. plastics or tins.
    • Posters and photo exhibitions carrying the forest theme.
    • Screening of compelling films on the environment made by different communities.
    Why support this activity?
    • Art uses symbolic messages to capture an audience and communicate a message in unconventional ways. What begins as an appreciation for art could develop into a true passion for the environment.

    • Many art forms use environmentally sustainable and natural resources that complement the objectives of your exhibit.
    How to organise it?
    Decide what will happen with the artwork or films you will collect, whether the artists maintain rights or if you will use them for promotion afterwards. Seek legal advice concerning rights if you intend to use the artwork beyond your exhibition and especially if there will be a commercial aspect.

    • After you have decided on your theme and identified partners (including sponsors) publish a call for submissions in your local news outlets.#24509 Clip Art Graphic Of A Green Tree Leaf Cartoon Character Waving From Inside A Computer Screen by toons4biz

    • Consider a prize for winners.

    • Select a jury from reputable and  renowned artists .

    • Set up displays of arts and crafts of various cultural/ local origins.

      Invite the media, advertise, take pictures, and register activity on the WED website.

      Download the WED logo and posters, and clearly display them on the day to give your event context.
    Participation/ Partnerships/ Sponsors
    • Invite your local community to submit artwork.
    • Encourage the participation of marginalized groups (e.g. women, children and orphans) by creating appropriate categories for their submissions


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