Thursday, 13 October 2011


Designed by Yuliya Krypo 16years old!!!

METRO origami dress by Yuliya Krypo

This dress was designed by 16 year old Yuliya Krypo and I think it is fantastic.  she is so young and extremely talented, she comes across as intelligent and well rounded.  

                                 A model entry: Yuliya’s winning dress is made of   Metro newspapers

Yuliya Krypo watched the competition fold in our Re-Create contest as she claimed the £1,000 first prize in the design category.

Re-Create was open to art and design students of all ages in a bid to encourage re-use of copies of Metro.
The 16-year-old used 55 copies of Metro and painstakingly folded 1,000 origami cranes - a revered Japanese bird - for the dress.
Yuliya Krypo 
She said she wanted to make a 'little green change for the planet'.
'Looking at the completed piece, I saw a picture, where the birds are in a queue for water, represented by the corset, which is made out of paper mache and the teardrop shapes,' said Yuliya, a pupil at Kidbrooke School in Greenwich, south-east London.
Designed by Yuliya Kyrpo, it can be found in London’s Science Museum

'The bust line is not symmetrical as it connotes waves.
'And the colour separation shows the segregation that society may face during global warming.'

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